Thursday, July 3, 2008

Adoption Frenzy!

Posted By "Curious Bear" aka Michele Gillen - July 5th 2008

I can bearly contain my joy! In just one pilates class this morning, 16 adoptions were completed. That's 16! What a great group of dancing bears came together to help get little bears into the hands of our most vulnerable children. We decided to name our friend Laura, who sponsored 10 bear adoptions all by herself, "Miracle Bear." She knows children, she hails from the sweetest maternity and baby wear shop 'Who's Kickin'. But all our exercise friends were just super. They include, "Energy Bear" and "Spinning Bear". "Pilates Bear" sponsored an adoption and adopted another twin bear to bring home to her daugher Isabella. Many thanks to my pilates partners! At special events and what we call "Bear Sightings", you can also adopt a bear to take home - a twin bear of the one you sponsor for a child of the court.

Then it was on to visit an extraordinary group of everyday heroes! The firemen of the Coral Gables Fire Department Station 1. With "Benevolent Bear", "Smiling Bear" and "Rescue Bear" leading the way, they not only adopted a bear in behalf of the fire station, they helped us with the first official swearing- in of a "Bear Ambassador". 10 -year old Stephanie Behar says she can't wait to tell her friends at camp about the need to adopt a bear and we are helping her with a special "bear sighting" this week so that all her mates and their families can adopt a bear for the court and for themselves, as well. Thank you, sweet "Performing Bear" for being a young leader in this campaign!

Have a beautiful day everyone! And a special thank you to "Guiding Bear", my Shining Light Media partner Marcia Izaguirre - a producer and friend who illuminates all paths. And I send the grandest bear hug to a woman who's touch and vision imprints our efforts with pure genious and love....thank you Judy Flookie...the one and only "Designer Bear."

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